What happen if you put 100 over geek in one single roof? U really can’t imagine that, and well, thats AngelHack KL!

Around 20 participant from Penang joining the event, consist of student to hardcore developer! Its a 24 hours marathon of code where we eat, drink, sleep and code over there.

The venue at CyberJaya, 1337 Venture and Game R&D center. The registration start in the morning and breakfast were serve. Around 10am and ppl start coming in! Then start with briefing, organizer & investor. You are allow to go out to pitch your idea and gather team members. Some already come in with their own team members & idea, but some just want to be spontaneous.

And the hack begin right after lunch, and you will all soft of funny stuff happening. Some getting serious, some just too playful with Nerv gun & toys!  Some fellows getting busy trying to pitch their idea among the participant to team up.

One of friend come with FireFox OS phone, nicez. Its was pretty simple, not really impressive, but I see alot of future potential! How I wish I also got one, but he is not selling.

There were tidbits & can drinks for crunching during code. I took my time going around meeting up people and check on their ideas, especially the Penang fellows.

And when hit 2am, start seeing ppl drop down, sleeping & resting. And when 4am, most ppl are down. Everyone got to stop code at 1pm! And the judging begin. Total 39 projects presented, then the 10 finalist and two team are from Penang! Hang Guan with the project call SoGood. Vin & JC with the project call ThreeSixty.

The winner were KL team with the project call OweSome, a mobile app that capture bill using OCR, split the bill within friends and reminder for those who yet pay for it! Nicely done, presented and prepare. They will be off to Silicon Valley!

Capture some photo and then head back to Penang. Friends drove us to the nearest LRT station, we then off to Pudu bus station to get a bus back to Penang. Looking forward for more such crazy event in the future.