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From my own find out, generally there its two way to make money from the Internet (long term and legally)

  1. Ads/ affiliate marketing on your website. But you must have thousand of traffic daily.
  2. PREMIUM paid account. But you have to make sure you got product/ services that user willing to pay for it, either one time, monthly, yearly or pay-as-use.

And how to do that?

  • Have your own website and domain name, not those FREE site.
  • Your website must have lots of content! “Content its the KING” and quality also.
  • Your website content must be able to deliver what the user want to view/ read.
  • Your website must be consistently updated.
  • Content must be proper & legal (accordingly).
  • Use social media for marketing and paid ads, nothing come in FREE.
  • Online payment, PayPal.

Lastly, track your website with Google Analytics. Coz you need to know the “real” traffic and visitor behavior.