This is one of the crazies tech event I ever participate so far for this year! The event was organize by Google for their community builder including GBG (Google Business Group), GDG (Google Developer Group) & GSA (Google Student Ambassador). It is going to be a annual event for the community and this year was at Jogja, Indonesia on last 19th June 2013. (Rumor have it, next year going to be at Cebu, Philippines).

Google pay for our flight from Malaysia to Jogja, accommodation (damn 5 star hotel, 2 bed room) and foods.. tons of it! You can’t imagine how well Google treat their community builder, and they really know how to spend. The event was held at Hyatt Regency on last 19th June, 3 days 2 nights, well plan event and full of surprises. Attended from all over South East Asia community including Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, North America and others. The Goolger from Mountain View was there also with awesome information and sharing session.

Can you imagine staying in the same place with hundred over people from the SEA region, with the information sharing & business opportunities! Only selected people will be there, so you get a tip top quality people who willing to share information about their country, business and ideas. Together with people from Google, you can rest assure most of your questions are answer and getting more information. It was totally TMI (too much info)!

My track were more towards Google products & community building. I was really please to meet with the Google MapsMaker community from other country; JR from Philippines. He was willing to spend his personal time to show us on how Google MapsMaker work and how he could add, change and edit global Google Maps! Man, how I wish it was launch in Malaysia!

What you might not know

  1. Most SEA country have Google MapsMaker except Malaysia
  2. Bangladesh have Google street view & van earlier although they just using Edge (ya, no 3G yet!)
  3. There were time YouTube were block over in Bangladesh & Pakistan, but not stopping them anyway!
  4. Jakarta have official Android store outlet
  5. Most Indonesian have two phone; BB as secondary (for BBM purpose), Android as primary
  6. “Path” are popular in Indonesia, not Facebook
  7. Google provide shutter bus to their office (ops, should call it campus) at Mountain View, which come in with WIFI

My biggest regards at end of the trip was missing my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang (due to flight delay by AirAsia) and left my luggage at the bus, mean the whole luggage together with the swag, gift and tons other stuff were GONE! But I got the most awesome experience ever thanks to Google!