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I m expecting the most pack month of the year, June!

For a start, finally one of my startup manage to survive to the second stage, and now got to drive it up! I got 3 months to performance and get result, so i m crushing out all my juice for it! Check it out (do comment honestly).

And tomolo (Thurs) I will be crashing down to KL till Sun! Meeting up with startup and entrepreneur, then join up on AngelHack KL event during weekend, a 48 hours coding event.

And the following week, I might be going down to KL again for some tech event. Then off to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for a week! This tech event I yet can tell you much, until its over, coz it yet happen also.

But I will post up the details & photos once its over. And its time to see the tree start to flower, and fruit soon.

PS: I will be tweeting my way there, so check out my tweet @CurryKhoo