I will be organizing two monthly events in Penang; GBG (Google Business Group) Georgetown and Open Startup. Both events will be at 2nd Floor, One Precinct, Bayan Baru @ ADA2U. Most of the events are FREE, as the idea its to build the tech community for Penang.

GBG Georgetown
Going to be on 2nd week of every month, Thursday nite. The idea behind this event its to help local community and company to grow and help their business using web technology and Google products such as YouTube, Gmail, Google App, G+, Adwords & Adsense, Google Analytics and others. The two managers running this group are Yin See and me.

And we will be trying to get Google people joining us if they are around the region. For more details, check out the website: GBG Malaysia.

Open Startup
March will be the first event (Click here). The event its part of TE4p (Tech Events for Penang) activity to create more events for Penang, keep it running and gather all tech fellow in one single place.

It is going to be series on monthly meetup especially for startup and entrepreneur. The idea were partly pick up from Vin Lim, when he start a movement for Startup Penang. And after few meetup and discussion, I share the idea with the rest of the members about organizing such event to showcase our local startup hero and entrepreneur.

There its few issue on our local tech scene, which mostly face by our startup & entrepreneur;

  • Brain-Drain; many talent from Penang are around the globe, as they found its hard to success down in Penang
  • Copycat; its nature attitude around the world, where you meet some one, told the person your idea and startup, the next thing you got its new “competitor”. And the worse case will be they copy exactly what you doing now without any creative nor innovative idea. Hit on your market and run away once they felt its not working.
  • Leach; they come, grab and gone. This including your network, potential partner, worker and etc. This is the worse case I seen so far as they have no intention to share and contribute to the community, but want piece of the cake. Usually you will see them, once they need something from the community either its business, talent or help. Once they get what they want, they will be “missing in action”.
  • Watcher; this group of people will usually attend an event, keep quite and left when the event done. Its good to have such people, but will be great if they could start to lend a hand and help out. Most of the time their excuse will be “busy”.
  • Inception; as most graduate and people work in local factory, they are in the concept of get more paper, apply for higher position, work few years then change job. Their usual demand will be high salary, routine and focus task, office politic & gossip or mind my own task, Jobstreet and 9to5 job in cubicle. So, for them to work on startup or being entrepreneur its bit hard for them.

What we hope to achieve on the event its to create more startup, entrepreneur, expose, mindset and bigger community in the tech scene for Penang.

Well, if you think you want to help up or being part of this, do let me know. We welcome all help and hand, or leg.