One of the thing I hate about Malaysian people its asking for FREE stuff. Come on, where got such thing as FREE! And the worst come from those who are planning or doing business. How do you expect people to pay or buy your product/ services, when you are expecting it FREE from other people. Damn.

So here, would like to show some BIG impact those want FREE stuff.

Google Apps
One of the popular apps most website would implement, previously. Oh yes it started as FREE during 2006, but  Dec 2012, Google announce to discontinue the FREE account. So right now if you want to use Gmail and other Google Apps product such as YouTube, Doc and other for your website with your own domain, you got to pay for it. $50 per year, per user account!

One of the popular FREE blog site. And was recognized as one of the “2010 Hottest Silicon Valley Companies” by Lead411. Alot of people and business use it as their blog & website, since its FREE, nice interface & design. But its going to shut down during this coming April. Bye bye all your blog, post and site.

Google Reader
The BIGGEST fuss going on now, as Google going to close down the most popular RSS reader on this coming July. And now they are trying to have petition to stop it from happening!

Another popular social network site. What Ning do its, it allow you to create your own social network! A very popular indeed, as many people, business, network, organization using it. It can be public or private. Well, until it decided to close down FREE account and start to charge on 2010. So those dependent on it, have to dig out from the wallet, or close it down.

And in the future, we will not know what is the next thing that going to be close down, or have to pay for it. So, the safest way its to own it. Either going to be as simple as your own personal blog, website to marketing platform. Like I say, nothing its forever until you own it, or bring it down to your grave.