Three busy month pushing on the tech events, building local tech community and startup, now back to blog.

Recently I comment & feedback to few fellows who feedback and giving ideas about community building, my direct response is “Thats cool idea, so would you like to do it?”. Everyone got idea, comments, feedback, suggestion and etc, but it does not matter as long as no one its executing it. And who know the best, rather then the person who did it?

Eight months since my approval of GBG (Google Business Group) Georgetown manager, and actively having a monthly meetup and now we are in the stage of growing and possible more chapter for northern region of Malaysia.
To be clear, we got nothing to do with Google, not paid by them or what-ever. We are their evangelist and hardcore fan.

The monthly meetup topic usually are pretty light, and suitable for general audience, as long as they love tech and online. Some of our past topic including Google Analytics, Youtube, video shooting, online marketing, ecommerce and tons more.

We are now planing on our meetup structure; one on series sharing on bringing local business to online, one which more technical oriented, and another on Mandarin language targeting on chinese market.

And this coming year end, we will be having on BIG event; gDayX at KL! So, watch out for this space for update.

Official website: GBG Malaysia
G+ Page: GBG Malaysia
Facebook Page: GBG Malaysia

Check out our site above for update and upcoming meetup.

And if you have any idea, suggestion or planning to get involve, do let me know. I m always around in Penang.