While parking in multi-storey carpark in shopping mall, saw this idea and I think could be enhance.

Problem: Alot of ppl lost or forget where they part their car in the multi-storey carpark, especially shopping mall.

Discussion: Previously with friends also being talking about this issue, and brain storm alot of ideas, but mostly does not seem suitable. Either its not practical or cost too much. Idea from using RFID to WIFI and tons other high tech devices which cost too much.

Idea: One day when I went parking, saw this very simple and nice idea. They put in color on the parking area as zone, then with some “icon” design for each different zone, plus a parking lot number. So, you can either just remember one of the items; color, icon or number, then can easily find it as it put in a sitemap/ notice/ legend in most visible place regarding to the color, icon and number to let you know possible where you could possible park your car.

Google Map Floors plan (beta) which can show the floor plan of the building!

Solution: A mobile app that read QR code for each parking slot, and guide you back to your car.
Each parking lot will have a QR code uniquely, which its FREE and easily implement by printing it over a sticker and stick on the floor. The QR code will tag the location on Google Map Floors plan, which as be read by the mobile app. So when you park your car, launch the app and read the QR code. After you done shopping, launch the app again, and check on your car location, and it will guide you back to your car.

So, what you think about it?