It being a great month as we see more interesting stuff popping out from the tech. And of coz, more and more interesting ideas on web & app. And remember this “Idea its FREE, until someone decide to make it happen”, so don’t be stingy and share out your ideas.

Recently I being putting alot of time looking and studying at this site: Creative Sandbox by Google. If you are first time reader, pls spend at least 45 minutes on the site. It got tons of case study, show how they innovate the idea, marketing, platform and tons more. I just can’t get enough of it.

So, if you in need of idea of new startup, marketing campaign for your product or just wan to kill some time to gain knowledge, this is the site to go for. And remember to share it out with your friends.

P/S: I don’t work for Google, yet. I don’t run marketing agency. I just love tech.