As some of you might know, and some don’t, I run and help to run some of the tech events for Penang. Founded TE4P (Tech Events for Penang), running GBG Georgetown as manager, run #OpenStartup and help on NoMAD.

And so, always being ask with this questions “Do you make money out from the events?” and the answer its “No”, follow by question of “Why do you do it? Come on, be serious!”. My answer is “YES, i m serious and its all to build the tech community for Penang”.

So, why do I do it? To keep it simple, you can say its like “Why do you donate money, blood donation and doing charity work?”. Its all for the community right?

What I intended its to kickstart, and once its stable, and new upcoming generation will pick it up. And someone got to do it, so why not me. But before I started doing it, I do get a good advice from friends and also seeing other people who tried to do it, but with agenda behind, which end up fail.

How it could benefit the local community:

  • At the moment, most of the events its FREE, open to public and transparent
  • Bring more tech events down to Penang, rather then going to outstation or oversea, which cost time & money
  • A good networking session to know who is in the industry and the news
  • Sharing on knowledge, skill, experience, awareness and ideas
  • To kill local “brain drain” culture
  • Create more startup, entrepreneur, and investor opportunity
  • To have giant tech company notice on Penang, and bring in the opportunity

And how it could benefit me:

  • Running and hosting a local tech events its not easy job, and it might look easy, but its not. And the value and lesson to be learn, its totally worth it.
  • The opportunity to meetup and learn from the local and oversea fellows that in the industry
  • Increase personal credibility and experience
  • Creating solutions for my own problem! I being wanting to attend such events locally to save my travelling time & cost, and so now I have it.

And if you interested to be part of it, then let me know. Always looking for more hand and leg.