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The last week KL trip I bump to few amazing and brain blowing technology, idea and innovation.

Saw their presentation during the 1337 Venture event and meet with one of the team member, Marco Moraglia. They have this solution; a special printed materials (could be name card, stand display, card, etc) where it could interactive and recognize when its touch over on any multi-touch screen gadget such as smartphone (Android & iOS), tablet and even notebook! And all it does its simple, open a web browser, goto the specific website, hand the card over the screen and it will recognize and return a specific value/ action.
The idea behind were replacing the boring and troublesome QR code. Saw some of the idea they were working on, including a namecard, magazine and others. Want more details, check out their website Ellipsis.

Leap Motion
During the AngelHack KL, one of the 10 finalist present their project using this device call Leap Motion. It is a small device that capture motion, very similar to Microsoft Kinect. Now, imagine the possibility with such technology over in your PC, Mac and notebook… or tablet!
The team that present the project were using open source planetary app together with the devices and using the hand & motion to guide and explore the sky & star! Amazing stuff. Check out their website for more details Leap Motion.

Open Source ERP
Now, if you are in the entreprise industry this will easily capture your attention. But the project are more towards education & college. They also one of the finalist for AngelHack KL. You can check out the details at QT College.

Amazing ideas from AngelHack KL finalist
This is few ideas and I was unable to get more details due to time constraint and too many stuff, plus i m tired also.

  • A group were creating a game, online stock trading game but real stock info. This make the game more addictive and player can felt the real world condition. #MyTraderSeed
  • The winner of AngelHack KL, project call Owesome, a mobile app that capture data using OCR. Thats one great idea, rather then typing, utilizing OCR make input faster and less error.

Looking for more amazing stuff next week.