This iPhone app were develop by my friend Yin See (twitter @yinsee), he run a software house called Websmith ATP. Two weeks ago, this app rank no. 1 at iTunes App Store under FREE download categories! The app tell you all the location of AES camera, and it even sound alarm when you near one of the AES camera. Download the app here for your iphone.

Last week, Yin See ask if I were free and interested to help him to do a video promo for the app. Challenge accepted to help friend and as fun project. We start shooting on Sunday from 11am to 2pm at Batu Kawan, Penang. With the helo of Benny Khoo as actor & voice narration. Later found out miss out few scene and audio, so we have another short shooting on Monday for around 2 hours. The video were shoot using Canon EOS 60D + RODE Mic + Manfrotto tripod.

I edited the video on the same day and manage to get it done by Tuesday nite. Edit using Apple Final Cut Pro X on my 13′ MacBookPro.

Check out the video below or click this link