Story of how I almost got scam

I got a morning call from Mr Loh Kok Chuan at the number +6012 268 7333. He was able to attend me at my full name plus my IC number! Thats why I was not alarm. According to him, calling from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Putrajaya as he was alerted by the hospital on some one using my name to get control medicine. According to him, a lady name Tan Mei Ling by the IC of 771208-07-5028 when to two hospital with doctor letter, a letter with my signature and photocopy of my IC. The medicine is a control drug and he was very specific on it; Stilnox 100mg x 20 units at each hospital, one at GH Ampany on August 15th 2019 and GH KL on August 16th. He was needed my to either goto Putrajaya to do the report or he can help me to divert to police station on the call, but needed to ask the police to fax over the report to the number 03 – 2268 7555. 

He divert the call to so called Police Station Bukit Bintang. I was then on call with this Malay lady by the name Sarjan Lily Rosli Binti Wan, by the number of RF161 336. She even ask me to double confirm on the website to make sure that I was on the right police station and phone number. If you Google it out, Police Station at Bukit Bintang have the number of 603 2146 0522 and that is the real number. She say will call back using a recording system for on phone call police report, and the caller number that I got is 803 2146 0522! And until this section, I still did not suspect it is SCAM, until she insist that I goto my car for the phone call. Then ask me to drive to isolated area, which I start to suspect something wrong. I told her I need to put her on hold while I drive. Then I quickly call the Police Station to check and they told me it is a SCAM and they got multiple complain on this. So, immediate I ended the call and bar the number. 

So fellow Malaysian, take note on this SCAM phone number

  • 012 268 7333
  • 03 2268 7555
  • 803 2146 0522