Last week Malaysia 13th election was HOT! The battle hit from printed media to online. And even now, the news coming in non stop, especially online; social media & news.

Then come to the point how true, reliable and trustworthy on the news? There tons of complain on some of the news that share its SPAM, false alarm, and etc. Isn’t there anyway we could verified that? Then bump to my head on this idea; app allow user to clarified & trustworthy on a particular news/ article / post. 

The app must be login/ create using social media such as FB/ Twitter/ G+ Login. Then add in LinkedIn and other account to increase the person credibility. So a post/ article can be track to the origin or the person who post it. Whether its reshare or etc, the origin author its always there.

It also allow other registered user to verified or +1 on the trustworthy of the news/ article.

The functions of the app its to let reader know who is origin person wrote the article, who share it, and how many friends (mutual & trusted friends) approve and endorse the article. The more friends endorse, the more trustworthy the article is.

So, anyone want to do this app?