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Wats Up?

Curry Khoo founded TE4P on 2012, the tech community driven organisation hosting various event & activities in Penang for entrepreneur, startup & ecosystem. He started his entrepreneur journey since 2000 from the era of dial-up & where everyone are in Friendster.

Curry join MaGIC in mid 2014 as the community builder down in Penang in believe the vision of Cheryl Yeoh to bring Penang ecosystem to the next level by empowering the startup and entrepreneurs.

At beginning of 2015, Curry join Douglas Khoo to run The Coding Shophouse to provide affordable coding workshop to the local community.

On 2016, run Second Startup, bootcamp for early stage startup that in IoT (internet of things). The programme is co-organise by Aemulus & Khazanah with amazing industry partners.

Silicon Valley of the East

Hardware Hub

Bold Prediction

Growing the startup in Penang.

Tech ecosystem builder

Second cities as Startup cities

Tech Tiger

Silicon Valley of the East

Tech Hippie